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December 8, 2014 | Bahrain

Welcome to Bahrain

Day 3 in Bahrain. Surprisingly, I had so much fun!

Bahrain is not a tourist destination, obviously. Besides the currency, (1 Bahrain Dinar = Rp. 32.000!), kayaknya Negara itu juga ga ada apa2nya ketimbang Dubai. Dan kalau pikiran banyak orang, apa sih yang bisa dilihat di Middle East?

So when I told my friends and family about my traveling destination (without my husband), they were like ‘what? What? What the hell are you going to do there? Why?’

I dunno why but I just felt like it! I mean, why not? From the articles I was browsing (though not many) it is a modern country and not too conservative.

So I hadn’t had much expectation and just go with the flow. But when I’m here, well.. I feel like in Jakarta! Well, agak lebai sih cuman emang lho karena feel nya enak. Dan just amazingly, I found out that it’s so easy to fell in love with this country. One of the reasons are the Bahraini. They are all very friendly!!!




Agak aneh rasanya di Negara yang berbahasa Arab liat ada pohon Natal (lengkap dengan lagu2 Natal) di hotel ataupun Mall?


Di Seef Mall, salah satu Mall cukup terkemuka di Manama, ya begini2 juga bajunya ada.





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