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Traveling in the 90s..*triple cannot watch*

Las Vegas in the 90s..I looked like a depressed geeky teenager with blazer and a ruffles white top.

Fakta lain dari membuka2 album lama traveling saya adalah, masa SMP-SMA tak hanya masa paling crucial dalam human development seorang remaja (in terms of character, social circle, etc) melainkan juga in wardrobe department! *nangis*

Grand Canyon 1991. Though I hate my glasses but I love my crazy print legging!

Saat remaja, hormon kan ga jelas ya, termasuk hormon rambut.

Rambut saya ini keriting kriwil borderline kribo. Jadiii ada periode saya susaaahh banget ngatur rambut menyebalkan ini.

Oversized bold logo sweater and LA Gear sneakers seemed the 'right' traveling outfit choice back in the 90s.

Saya baru menerima, menghargai dan mencintai rambut keriting saya ini, pas masuk kuliah tahun 94.

I had a crush on this Peter Pan boy, in Disneyland

Sebelumnya? forget it! I hate my hair.

PLUUSS saya menggunakan kacamata minus sejak SD kelas 3. Contact lens itu baru exist waktu saya SMA kelas 2.


You can view my ‘lovely’ hair, styling style and glasses here..

LORD! In Bangkok, I think it was in late 80s because I was (still) taller than my brother. Do not try this outfit, ever! Kayak mau tidur..zzz. What I loved most about this pic was that lady with nice skirt and shoes on the left..

Saya pun menutup mata akan foto2 traveling di tahun 90an.. Dan ga ada pula yang foto sendirian, selalu rame2 sama Mama, Papa dan my brother. So parents, don’t forget to take pictures of your children, alone..

just landed in Honolulu. Cannot believe I wore the overall pants, giant glasses (of course) and that rainbow tas pinggang..on the plane! *deep sigh*

Di tahun 90an itu juga lagi trend tas pinggang, so I wore it. Well, I tried so hard to wore it eventhought it looked ridiculous on me..



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