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December 8, 2014 | Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum & National Theatre

Saya selalu usahakan mampir ke museum setiap kali traveling. Dari museum inilah kita jadi belajar peradaban di Negara tersebut. Dan ternyata di Bahrain ini sarat akan art. Seni lukis dan patung.

The building is modern but not too big. So we can strolling around (downstairs & upstairs) for only like 2 hours max. Very convenient. There we can learn about early years of Bahrain complete with traditional costumes, culture, city landscapes, and others.

There’s a museum store on ground floor (I always buy something at museum store whenever I travel) but surprisingly there’s no cool design worth to purchased. They didn’t even have magnets for refrigerator!

Also on the ground floor, there’s a cute cafe. We can sit inside or outside. The weather was nice but the wind blows pretty hard so we decided to sit inside the cafe. The avocado juice+honey is delicious! This is quite interesting that they have avocado juice, just like in Indonesia. In US & Europe, they only use avocado as an ingredients for guacamole or salad but never juice it as a drink.

There’s also a temporary area for showcasing different artists and theme. This time was Modern and Contemporary Saudi Art. Surprisingly, among the artist, there’s one who was born in Indonesia.

How much the entrance fee? Actually we didn’t know! There’s a booth sign ‘ticket’ with 2 Bahrainis men sat and talked to each other, but I didn’t know why nobody asked us to purchased a ticket! They saw us but didn’t say a word, just let us in hahahah.. I thought that booth is to purchase ticket to the Theatre which located behind the museum. When I shared this story to my Indonesian friend who lives in Bahrain, he said we should have bought the ticket. So I guess we just lucky..









I, so does not have a flexible posture!



National Theatre


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