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May 1, 2015 | Muscat

Al Angham Restaurant

Ada 1 resto yg perlu dicoba apabila Anda berkunjung ke Muscat. Namanya Al Angham yang berlokasi di area ROyal Opera House.

Authentic Oman food dan termasuk mahal. But worth to try as an experience.

Kami diajak dinner disana oleh teman kami asal Saudi, Karim namanya. He knows the owner of this restaurant.

Biasanya yang suka datang kesini adalah para pekerja pemerintahan dan tamu2nya Sultan.

I love the flower arrangement in each table.. Pretty!




Jus pomegranate wajib dicoba! Karena buah ini merupakan salah satu andalan asal Oman

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  1. Pearse says: May 6, 2015

    That would be me in the middle and those 12 geemlnten are from the MoE (Ministry of Education). They were part of an evening course that I was involved with. Due to cultural sensitivity, the female members of the class preferred not to be photographed. This group was one of the best students I’ve had in my 5 years here in Oman!

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